We are a team of experts teaching entrepreneurs how to build minimum viable businesses, bring products and services to market and then seek professional investment. 

Learning and employing these tools and techniques greatly increases the entrepreneur’s odds of being successful, and of raising capital if desired.


Our Approach

Phase 1

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Customer Validation

Phase 2

Digital Properties Creation

Digital Content Services

Refine the VPC & BMC

Phase 3

Financial and Legal Documents

Detailed Financial Models

Pitch Deck and Investment Memo


Chompff Consulting typically accepts only two new clients per month.  We limit new entrants in order to maintain quality standards for each client.

Due to limited program availability, scheduling is prioritized by earliest receipt of retainers.  In case of unavailability due to excess demand, retainers will be held as deposit for next availability in the order received, or returned as preferred by the client.

At Chompff Consulting, our #1 consideration is coachability.

As all professional investors know, ideas will change and companies will pivot.  

Teams of people create and sustain success, and our program is all about teaching those critical elements for entrepreneurial success.  It’s critically important that our clients have a learning mindset and be open to suggestions, whether from the market, the investors or our team at Chompff Consulting.

Our clients begin with a First Call – you can schedule one by following the “Make an Appointment” link in the menu bar.

During the First Call, one of our team assesses the entrepreneur’s idea and readiness levels, and provides feedback based on the program.

When a prospective client is ready to proceed, they are asked to approve an agreement letter (there are no contracts, see below) and to fund the first month’s retainer.

During each phase (there are three phases total), a lead consultant will walk the client through a guided process to create a set of deliverables which help to focus the business (phase 1), get the word out (phase 2) and then seek professional funding (phase 3).

Phase 1 Deliverables include the Value Proposition Canvas, the Business Model Canvas, the Product Statement and Customer Validation.

Phase 2 Deliverables include websites and social media (Facebook to Pinterest and more) and the content to fill those channel consistent with the Value Proposition.

Phase 3 Deliverables include Investor Pitch Video*, Financial Documents*, Legal Documents*, Detailed Financial Models, Pitch Deck and Investment Memo.

* some Phase 3 deliverables require the assistance of 3rd party professionals like videographers, CPAs and Attorneys.  We will help you to connect with those service providers and manage for business outcomes.

We find it takes entrepreneurs about three months to complete each phase. 

Some entrepreneurs are able to dedicate more time to their business and others may have different constraints. 

We understand each business is different and work to match the entrepreneur’s availability.  The program does support rapid acceleration.

At Chompff Consulting, there are no client contracts.  There are only informal client agreements designed to create mutual satisfaction.

We do encourage our clients to think critically about the value they receive and to willingly reengage at each phase of the process.

While clients are free to leave at any time (there is no minimum), we do ask that clients:

Commit to each three-month period when starting a new phase.

  • This helps Chompff Consulting to plan resources efficiently.
  • This allows sufficient time to finish each set of deliverables.
Provide two weeks of warning if electing to leave the program.
  • This minimizes resource impacts for Chompff Consulting.
  • This provides other entrepreneurs sufficient opportunity to engage our services.
Cover retainers before the 1st of each month.

At Chompff Consulting, we follow an established program to increase the likelihood of entrepreneurial success.  

We teach you the elements of a minimum viable business (Products, Customers, Income & Profit) over the course of our program.

The program consists of three phases, each with a specific purpose and deliverables.  In general, we find that entrepreneurs will take about three months to complete each phase nine months to complete the overall program.  Below is a typical engagement.  Some entrepreneurs move through elements of the progam more quickly and may finish in less than the time shown here.

Phase 1 – Know Your Customer

  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Product Statement
  • Customer Validation 
  • 3 Months x 1,500.00 = 4,500.00

Phase 2 – Get the Word Out

  • Digital Properties Creation 
  • Digital Content Services
  • Refine VPC & BMC 
  • 3 Months x 2,500.00 = 7,500.00

Phase 3 – Prepare for Investors

  • Capital Formation Strategy
  • Professional Services Strategy
  • Investor Support Services 
  • 3 Months x 3,500.00 = 10,500.00

Typical Program Time and Cost 

  • 9 Months 
  • 22,500.00

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