Starting a Business

Let us help you walk through the steps of starting a business. We ensure you start your business the right and legal way from start to finish.

Funding a Business

We can help you find the right funding option for your business and show exactly what investors want before pitching your business.

Growing a Business

Find new markets and build a brand - We can show you how to grow your business in the right direction with minimal growth issues.

Schrödinger’s Startup — do you have a Startup Idea or Just an Idea?

Erwin Schrödinger was a quantum physicist in 1935 who postulated that the mere observation of a subatomic particle would change its state. His most famous example is the case of Schrodinger’s Cat — a cat, in a box, after a catastrophic event occurs (pun not intentional but not omitted, either), will remain both alive and deceased until it is observed. In this post, we’ll see how an Entrepreneur in 2017 can employ this principle in starting a startup.

It happens to all of us at some point in our lives (and more than once for those afflicted with Entrepreneur’s Syndrome). We’re minding our own business when all of a sudden, a group of ideas coalesce into the next big way to change the course of human history. In this powerful moment, we have a vision and can imagine many implications at once.

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Veteran-Entrepreneur Resource Guide

A list of resources for focused on veterans, but including a general resource guide for entrepreneurs. This list represents information only and is not meant as an endorsement of the providers or resources.

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Pants Up Easy                                                     


How Blockchain is Changing Money & Business – TedTalks

Business Resources for Veterans


How To Write A Business Plan


What To Include In A Proposed Company Offering

Create a proposed company offering document to indicate the amount of capital being sought, the reason it is needed, a brief description of how it will be used, what securities you offer an investor, and a summary of how the investor can expect to achieve the targeted rate of return.

This document is only the first part of the negotiation process with those interested in investing. At any point, terms may be renegotiated, but it is important to have a general document to define your financing terms.

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