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Proposed Company Offering

What To Include In A Proposed Company Offering

Create a proposed company offering document to indicate the amount of capital being sought, the reason it is needed, a brief description of how it will be used, what securities you offer an investor, and a summary of how the investor can expect to achieve the targeted rate of return. This document is only the first part of the negotiation process with those interested in investing. At any point, terms may be renegotiated, but it is important to have a general document to define your financing terms.


ICO vs Venture Capital: What is the Difference?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) provides an interesting alternative for the entrepreneur looking to raise capital. To the casual observer, the natural inclination might be to think of it as a replacement for an IPO, but the truth of the matter is quite different. Despite the similarities in names, ICOs when viewed against the traditional venture capital framework differ in construction and implementation.

Five Forces Model

The Five Forces Model — Evaluating Industry Attractiveness

Entrepreneurs use this model to analyze the competitive environment in which a company operates to determine the profitability of an industry. If an entrepreneur can identify opportunities, competitive advantages, and competitive intelligence then they have the ability to proactively address potential issues.

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Schrödinger’s Startup — Do you have a Startup Idea or Just an Idea?

Erwin Schrödinger was a quantum physicist in 1935 who postulated that the mere observation of a subatomic particle would change its state. His most famous example is the case of Schrodinger’s Cat — a cat, in a box, after a catastrophic event occurs (pun not intentional but not omitted, either), will remain both alive and deceased until it is observed. In this post, we’ll see how an Entrepreneur in 2017 can employ this principle in starting a startup.


Helpful Tips On Writing A Business Plan

Think of your business plan as an agile document and avoid treating it like a checklist. While each section is independent, it must also fit into the bigger picture and work with the other sections in your plan. As your company changes and grows, so does your business plan. Remember that it’s about your company, not a product or idea!


3 Ways to Test your Startup: What to do after figuring out who your Customer is

To find out what’s really important to the customer (hint: it’s all really important but you gotta cut somewhere), we can use the A/B or split testing method. It is simply putting two versions of your value proposition in front of customers that differ in one aspect only. Results from these tests will allow you to see which aspect is the most important for your customer. You can A/B test with ads by changing the word order or by using a different word entirely. You can also use your landing page by making a copy of it (unbounce will allow you to do this) and changing one thing at a time. Things like features, price points, and product names are good examples of things to test out.

Veteran Entrepreneur Resources

Veteran-Entrepreneur Resource Guide

A list of resources for focused on veterans, but including a general resource guide for entrepreneurs. This list represents information only and is not meant as an endorsement of the providers or resources.

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ICO Investment Outline: ICO Returns on Exchanges

The ICO financing structure is very much similar to an IPO, whereby companies raise funds through the sale of shares or ‘tokens’ in their future project. Investors of these shares liquidate on a secondary exchange, like a stock exchange, but the return of investment is on a very fast timeline. Multiple ICO projects have returned 10 to 50 times the original investment based on their team strength and project, similar to what makes a successful IPO. Demand from investors who are funds, traders, retail and enthusiasts, that wish to participate in an ICO, invest in the token which increases in value as the project moves closer to being launched, and as project goals are met over time.

horse nanny cam

Artificial Intelligence Meets Surveillance Video: The Future of Nanny Cams

MySafeHorse.Net is a 24/7 monitoring and alert system that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn about your horse and distinguish between normal activity and dangerous or distressed behavior. A typical system uses one camera in the stall and one in the paddock to ensure that your horse is being monitored around the clock. Myk and Roberta Powell have boarded their Arabian and Thoroughbred horses in various California facilities since 1986.

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Raising The Needed Capital For Startups Just Got Easier With Chompff Consulting

Many creative ideas never get off the ground because of a frustrating lack of required capital to cultivate the brilliant ideas into viable businesses. Fundraising has been the bane of many start-ups over the years – and Chompff Consulting is intent on changing that narrative. More often than not, aspiring entrepreneurs find it difficult to generate funds due to a paucity of information about how to go about it, and not due to a lack of willing investors.


Could Marijuana Dispensaries Reduce Crime in Neighborhoods?

The Journal of Urban Economics recently released a study suggesting that medical marijuana dispensaries make surrounding neighborhoods safer. The first of its kind research was conducted by researchers at the University of California, Irvine and their study concluded that the closure of a dispensary resulted in a 12% increase in neighborhood crime.


Founders Space: Startup Pitch Day

Throughout the year, Founders Space invites entrepreneurs to pitch their businesses to a Global Investor Network, which includes angels, VCs and corporate venture capital. Founders Space chooses only the top 5% of startups who apply so if you find yourself accepted, consider it to be an honor. Founders Space is ranked a Top 10 Accelerator in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. They are known for attracting world-class startups, investors and corporate partners. Below is a list of some of the startups that have been in the co-working space:

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Cryptocurrency Wallets: Wallet Generation Protocols

Wallets are generated on an offline computer with a combination of wallet generation software written by Howard Wu and software made available by blockchain projects and open-source developers. All codebases used to generate these addresses are vetted by Howard Wu to ensure they used standard, well-audited, open-source cryptographic libraries, and do not attempt to implement cryptographic primitives on their own.

Open Money

The OPEN Money ICO Is Coming!

The experienced founders and developers of Open Money saw a problem; businesses trending toward blockchain technology and cryptocurrency while software app developers are locked in an anachronistic, fiat-based world. The solution is to accelerate adoption of an ecosystem which allows mainstream software developers the ability to create and distribute their apps in this new technology without wasting vital resources on recreating their work. This is where OPEN Money comes in. They know all developers need a way to monetize, distribute and promote their products for B2B, enterprise-to-consumer software apps.


Why Entrepreneurship is more of a science than an art — and how this is good news for you

Liv and Chris, engineers and designers by training, felt inspired by what they might be able to do together as a team, so they set out to create the next awesomest game console, only with a real time social feature for people at parties. They had a product idea, but that was about it. They didn’t have a community to sell it to, no one to make it for them, and no one to recruit on their team. So they attended Startup Hustle, Hacker Lab’s Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs.


What The Chariot And Uber Have In Common — Besides The Wheel

Bleeding edge technology can be fascinating. It’s a way to magically do things better than they’ve ever been done before. It’s a new tool that, when employed, gets us closer to sci-fi movies becoming real. Like hoverboards and warp drive and stuff. But does it only belong to our century and this time? Do we need to be on top of trends and feel like only the mentally privileged can wield world-changing tech?

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2018 SEO Trends: Local SEO — What is it?

Now when we talk about local Search Engine Optimization, we’re referring to the process of making sure all the online elements of your business are optimized, so that your search result appears in front of an extremely relevant audience at a time when they’re displaying interest in your product or service. In the case of local SEO, that relevant audience is someone that is currently, or will be, in the same vicinity as your business.