The OPEN Money ICO is coming!

When it comes to launching a successful venture like OPEN Money, there are three fundamental questions that must be asked:

  1. What’s the problem?
  2. Is there a better solution?
  3. Am I the best solution to the problem?

Introducing OPEN Money

The experienced founders and developers of Open Money saw a problem; businesses trending toward blockchain technology and cryptocurrency while software app developers are locked in an anachronistic, fiat-based world.

The solution is to accelerate adoption of an ecosystem which allows mainstream software developers the ability to create and distribute their apps in this new technology without wasting vital resources on recreating their work.

This is where OPEN Money comes in. They know all developers need a way to monetize, distribute and promote their products for B2B, enterprise-to-consumer software apps. Unfortunately the elements in place have stagnating effects in raising funds for further research and development, as well as dampening earning potential by virtue of terrible contracts with parent companies who siphon up to 30% of all in-app purchases.

But what choice does an app developer have?

Sadly, it’s very limited especially for mass market integration. That’s where Open Money strives to lead the way into a crypto world where there is approximately $100 billion in liquid digital currency. This opens the doors to potential customers who would rather pay with cryptocurrency while developers can pocket more earnings for their products.

“We firmly believe that the OPEN Platform will be the leading global infrastructure solution for software developers looking to integrate blockchain technologies.”

Getting to know the OPEN Money team

This is a powerhouse fusion of talent and achievement. 50+ million downloads of a mainstream app, working with major automobile and sports brands, featured in top news channels, plus decades of combined experience in successful app development. These are just a few highlights of what they’ve done.

Fiz Kassam – CEO

  • Lead developer for Stick RPG
  • 40 million+ downloads
  • Lead large scale digital media projects for Adidas, Toyota, Kelloggs
  • 14+ years in app game development
  • Past CTO of successful casino app developer and real money gaming operation
  • Invited speaker various institutions and universities on the topic of game development

Andrew Leung – CTO

  • Deployed Asia Pacific headquarters and lead new team for Billion dollar software company Pivotal Labs
  • Lead Architect and Design on Grinder app 50 million+ downloads
  • Lead the development of Viacom’s video streaming suite
  • Lead engineering team for Facebook for Blackberry 10 OS and scaled for over 1 million daily actives

Ken Sangha – COO

  • Scaled real money casino app development company to 8-figures and achieved #1 in iTunes UK
  • Grew average spend in app from $300 to $3000 USD per user
  • Invited technology speaker at Yahoo Inc, and Flurry
  • Professional advisor, mentor, and operations consultant to multiple startups and accelerators

Roger Jin – Director of Strategy

  • Bootstrapped multi million dollar consumer technology startup
  • Featured on New York Times, CNBC, Business Insider
  • Founded partnerships and distribution deals with Amazon and Walmart

Alvin Lau – Managing Advisor

  • 11+ years of technical project management experience
  • Project lead bringing projects valued over $200 million to success
  • Expertise in managing costs, resources, schedules

What does this mean for the consumer?

If developers are gaining double-digit percentages back in their wallets because they can develop and distribute apps on the OPEN Money platform, one might surmise there to be potential savings to the consumer as well. At the very least, as cryptocurrency gains mainstream adoption, the app architects will find a whole pool of enthusiastic crypto maniacs searching for the next best thing.

OPEN Money ICO details

  • Visit OPEN Money to register for their 72-hour Private Email Only Pre-Sale.
    They are accepting ETH only.
  • Check out their official ICO announcement on
  • They’ve also got a very generous bounty program for those who can invest their time and social presence but maybe not so much out-of-pocket funds.


Author: merej99