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“Time is the friend of the wonderful business. It’s the enemy of the lousy business. You’re in a lousy business for a long time, you’re gonna get a lousy result, even if you buy it cheap. If you’re in a wonderful business going in, you’re going to get a wonderful result, even if you pay a little too much going in.” – Warren Buffet

Helping People in wheelchairs get dressed and regain their independence.

A 24/7 monitoring and alert system that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn about your horse and distinguish between normal activity and dangerous or distressed behavior.

A registry of Happy Businesses committed to providing great customer service and encouraging a positive work environment.

Two brothers wanted to find a pickup game one day. They drove around the city just to find empty courts. They thought there should be an app that helps you find pickup games. An Idea was born. HoopMaps

We provide an easy and efficient solution to meet compliancy. Cannabis activity tracking in just 4 main actions.